Install debuger 

Download the Debugger for your target OS:

  • Mac: cerebral-debugger-x.x.x.dmg
  • Windows: cerebral-debugger-setup-x.x.x.exe
  • Linux: cerebral-debugger_x.x.x_amd64.deb


You initialize the devtools by adding it to the app. In the index.js file you can adjust the content to:

import { App } from 'cerebral'
import Devtools from 'cerebral/devtools'

const app = App({
  state: {
    title: 'My Project'
}, {
  devtools: Devtools({
    // This should point to the host and port you
    // create in the Devtools application
    host: 'localhost:8585'

Note that if you are developing a native application you will most likely have to use your IP address instead of “localhost”, when connecting to the Devtools

Open up the newly installed debugger and add a new application.

If you refresh your application and go to the state tab you should now see:

  title: 'My Project'